AV-LEADER Corporation was founded in April 1988. It was located in Taipei Hsien, the most important industrial area of Taiwan. Today, AV-LEADER is one of the largest and well-known manufacturers of professional microphone and headphone in Taiwan. This distribution network and excellent international cooperation have brought our products to every corner of the earth rapidly. Anyone who considers sound to be an important part of his or her self-expression has probably used one of AV-LEADER’s microphones, headphones or other professional audio products.
        AV-LEADER’s products are used wherever audio performance is a top priority: in a variety of industries, markets, and settings; by professional and amateur users alike. Management principles in AV-LEADER, the team effort is always there to ensure that their consumers are fully satisfied with the entire contact process from the first meeting until after-sales service.
        We believe it is this incentive makes them outstanding among all the competitors. Our aim is not only to keep the loyalty, but also, more important, the satisfaction of their customers. In our pursuit of an efficient and goal-oriented company, we strive to adhere to the following major management principles:
‧Patriotism and Love of Country‧Cooperation and Team Effort
‧Total Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction
‧Environmental Protection Consciousness
‧Fairness and Equality‧Good Manners and Proper Ethics‧Adaptability
        AV-LEADER’s emphasis on R&D and Quality in the every beginning, AV-LEADER R&D professional staff used their mind, heart and professional hand to create a brand new product. Today, we utilize precision CAD software and computer system with local networking and Internet capabilities.
        Our resources also include sophisticated equipment and facilities such as high performance anechoic chambers, Bruel and Kjaer Audio Analyzer, and sound testing equipment. “Never Compromise” is the major principle exists on our quality. All our products are subjected to rigid testing procedures to ensure our performance and reliability even in the harshest condition. Furthermore, in order to produce a high quality professional product, we developed an on Line Anechoic Chamber on the production line in 1993. Besides, we continuously conducted training programs to ensure that our personnel are knowledgeable and updated with the latest quality assurance procedures